4 Reasons to Use Carpeting in Your Attic Conversion Instead of Laminate Wood

Posted on: 18 April 2017

When you're converting your attic, there are plenty of things that you need to think about. However, many people forget to consider all the types of flooring that are available, instead opting for laminate flooring without thinking about the alternatives. It's a somewhat understandable decision; most attic rooms make use of laminate flooring, and it's not like laminate performs the role poorly.

That said, you'll actually find that carpeting is far more advantageous, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Isolates Sound

Probably the most compelling reason to install carpet for an attic conversion is being able to insulate against any noise. Laminate flooring isn't great in this regard, with its hard surface helping transmit footfalls and other noise downwards. Since the floor below the attic will usually accommodate bedrooms, this can be very annoying for anyone trying to sleep or relax underneath the conversion. Luckily enough, carpeting is very effective at isolating sound, so people will be able to walk around or watch TV in the attic without disturbing those below.

2. Provides Insulation

Sound isn't the only thing that carpet will insulate against. With its dense fibres and thick underlay, carpeting is very good at trapping heat. This means that you'll be able to walk around with your socks off without getting cold feet, which would certainly be a problem with laminate wood flooring. Another great benefit is that you'll lower your heating bills. It won't take as much energy to heat the attic, and the carpeting will help prevent heat rising out from the rooms below.

3. Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere

Laminate flooring is fine, but it's not a particularly welcoming or stylish option. Attic conversions are often quite hard to make feel homey and comfortable due to their sloping ceilings and typically smaller dimensions, but you can make yours feel more like any other room of the house by laying down carpeting.

4. Comes with Numerous Options

Laminate flooring can come in a few different styles, but it boasts nowhere close to the number of options available when you go with carpeting. For starters, carpeting is available in an exceptional number of colours and designs, so you can create a more personal style in your new attic conversion. You can also choose between different pile depths and fibres. If you need stain-resistance for an attic playroom, go with polyester; if you want something more interesting, try a natural fibre, such as jute.