Persuasive Reasons To Leave Carpet Installation To The Professionals

Posted on: 21 October 2020

With the right flooring, you not only get the chance to add visual interest to a once bland space but you also get the chance to tie in the different elements in a room and create harmony in a once dissonant room. However, where most people go wrong is not knowing where to draw the line when it comes to DIY versus professional flooring installation. Professional carpet installation, especially, tends to be the most underrated but what you are not taking into account is the serious consequences of overlooking skilled expertise. This article summarises two main reasons why you should leave carpet installation to the professionals.

Professional carpet installation ensures the use of specialised tools

A major reason why some people do not think twice about DIY carpet installation is that they presume the entire process simply entails the laying of the carpet and shifting it around until it fits how they prefer it to. In reality, not only is a particular skill set required for this job but specialised tools accompany the installation process too. For example, to make sure that the carpet fits perfectly across the floor, the professionals employ specialised stretching tools.

When it comes to the seams, the professionals are equipped with an apparatus that functions to secure them so that they are not at risk of unravelling prematurely. And if you are installing wall to wall carpeting or runners on the stairs, it is essential to ensure that the carpet is affixed tightly or it will come loose from the continual foot traffic. Chances are you do not own these tools nor have the experience to follow the above mentioned additional steps for successful carpet installation. Hence, you would still end up having to hire the professionals to correct the shoddy installation work performed.

Professional carpet installation ensures you do not void your warranty

The second reason why you should not take carpet installation into your own hands is to keep the carpet's warranty intact. A majority of manufacturers will void this warranty the moment they know the consumer did not honour it, as it means you were not cautious about preventing undue damage to the flooring. So what could affect the integrity of your carpet if you do not have it professionally installed?

Wrinkling is one of the most common issues you are likely to contend with and this is largely due to insufficient stretching. Buckling, which is characterised by the edges of the caret curling, is another problem that will affect the integrity of the caret and it occurs when the underpadding is not functional for the carpet. If under warranty, these issues can be addressed by the manufacturer and installers. However, if not, you will have to pay out of pocket for these damages.

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