• Four Practical Flooring Options for Stylishly Tiled Bathrooms

    If you are updating your bathroom's flooring, then you will want something that goes with your existing wall tiles. The most common form of wall treatment in modern bathrooms, wall tiles are stylish and practical. With a stylish bathroom design, the quality—or lack of it—of the floor can make all the difference to the overall look of the room, especially if it does not coordinate well with your walls' tiling. Get the flooring right, and everything else in your bathroom will be given a lift.
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  • 3 Reasons to Pick Small Tiles Over Large Tiles for Your Kitchen Floor

    When it comes to choosing materials for your kitchen floor, the convention wisdom will tell you to use large format tiles. However, you shouldn't take that advice at face value and assume that small format floor tiles hold no merits. In fact, there are plenty of advantages that come with using smaller tiles for your kitchen floor. Here are just three reasons you should use small tiles instead of large tiles for your kitchen floor.
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