3 Reasons to Pick Small Tiles Over Large Tiles for Your Kitchen Floor

Posted on: 23 April 2018

When it comes to choosing materials for your kitchen floor, the convention wisdom will tell you to use large format tiles. However, you shouldn't take that advice at face value and assume that small format floor tiles hold no merits. In fact, there are plenty of advantages that come with using smaller tiles for your kitchen floor.

Here are just three reasons you should use small tiles instead of large tiles for your kitchen floor.

1. Small Tiles Are Easier to Place

Unless you're extremely fortunate, tiles will need to be cut to size to fit around the exact dimensions of your kitchen. This can get quite tricky when you have either a very small kitchen or one with lots of tight corners and angles, and it can leave the floor looking a little messy and poorly put together. Luckily enough, you can help prevent such an unpleasant appearance by opting for smaller tiles. They're much easier to fit around awkward spaces, and they don't look as disordered when cut down to size.

2. Small Tiles Offer Superior Design Versatility

Smaller tiles aren't just flexible in terms of placement – you can also use them to put your own unique stamp on your kitchen floor. The problem with larger tiles is that any created with vibrant colours or designs will stand out too much and tend to overpower a room. When you use smaller tiles, you can mix in some of those more vibrant colours without letting them dominate the room. If you want to bring in a touch of colour, using smaller tiles simply makes sense.

3. Small Tiles Are Inexpensive to Repair

People will tell you that small tiles should be avoided because of the upkeep – they'll say that additional grout lines make cleaning harder. However, tiles can now be laid down with extremely thin grout lines, so this shouldn't be a problem. What could be a problem is lippage, and it's an issue more commonly associated with large floor tiles. Lippage is where one edge is higher than the adjacent tile, producing an uneven surface and creating a tripping hazard. Going for smaller tiles will prevent this from happening and reduce the need for tile repair or replacement.

Even if you do damage a small tile, it's easier and less expensive to prise up and replace one smaller tile than it is to prise up and replace one larger tile.