Four Practical Flooring Options for Stylishly Tiled Bathrooms

Posted on: 30 June 2018

If you are updating your bathroom's flooring, then you will want something that goes with your existing wall tiles. The most common form of wall treatment in modern bathrooms, wall tiles are stylish and practical. With a stylish bathroom design, the quality—or lack of it—of the floor can make all the difference to the overall look of the room, especially if it does not coordinate well with your walls' tiling. Get the flooring right, and everything else in your bathroom will be given a lift. Read on to discover four of the best flooring options around that work well with wall tiles.


It is fair to say that carpets are not very popular in bathrooms. For obvious reasons—like the amount of water that flows through a bathroom—conventional carpets tend to be avoided because they trap moisture. This may mean that you end up with mildew building up. However, high-quality carpets that are specifically designed for use in bathrooms offer a warm feel underfoot while still affording you with a surface that will dry out rapidly as well as being easy to keep clean. This means you can achieve a contrasting texture from your tiled walls, which is frequently very appealing.

Laminate Flooring

Increasingly popular in homes and hotel room bathrooms, laminate floors look good with large bathroom wall tiles. Laminate floors are like ceramic tiles in that they are easy to wipe down, and they give your floor a very warm and natural colour tone. This is a very good option if you have a big bathroom and therefore need to cover a sizeable amount of space, because laminate flooring is cost effective. Avoid cheap laminates which are not suited to bathrooms. Some flooring of this type will bow out if it is exposed to moisture, which is unsightly, so it pays to fork out for higher-quality material.

Tiled Floors

Porcelain is still a preferred option for sleek and stylish bathrooms because floor tiles reflect a lot of light around the room. You can also select floor tiles that will match your chosen wall tiles to achieve a very coordinated look. If you choose to have your bathroom tiled on the floor, then consider the colour of the grout that will be used. White grout needs to be refreshed regularly, whereas grey grout does not. The latter is ideal for flooring and can also be used with your wall tiles, if you want.

Vinyl Flooring

An utterly practical material, vinyl can be purchased that mimics the look of grouted tiles. Like tiling, it can be wiped down and will continue to look immaculate years after it has been installed. Some people think that vinyl is not a stylish option because it is so cheap compared to other choices. However, modern vinyl flooring products are very good looking and often are preferred by professional interior designers.