Easy Tips on How to Kill Fungus on Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 30 September 2018

There is an unmatched elegance that hardwood floors introduce to your floors, which is why so many people opt for wood over other flooring options. However, wood also comes with its unique set of challenges and weakness. The biggest weakness for hardwood floors is water. If your floor has been in contact with water, especially if it was not well-treated water, problems such as fungus growth, warping and rotting start cropping up. The presence of fungus on your hardwood floor is an indication of moisture damage, and understanding how to remove fungus is the first step towards clean floors and healthy indoors.

Personal protection before fungus removal

Mould spores cause mild to severe allergic reactions when they are inhaled. Signs of spore inhalation usually include wheezing, persistent lung problems and wheezing. It is therefore important to ensure that you wear gloves, dust mask and other protective clothing before trying to clean the fungus. Also, make sure that you remove all the clothes that you wear during the removal process immediately you are finished to avoid the possible transfer of spores onto other surfaces such as the upholstery or even cooking appliances.

Killing the fungus

You can make a very effective fungus killer at home by mixing water with vinegar. You mix one part of the vinegar with four parts of water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto all of the areas which have fungus to kill it. If there is a lot of mould on the hardwood floor, you can mix equal parts of water and vinegar for effective removal.

Cleaning the floor

Leave the water and vinegar mixture on the floor for a while to ensure that the killing process is successful. Take a damp paper towel and use it to remove all the traces of fungus still present on the floor. After removing the mould, use a dry towel to remove all the remaining moisture from the floor. You can also vacuum the floor to make sure that every trace of the fungus is eliminated. Dispose of the trash bag as soon as you have done the vacuuming.

If you keep killing fungus on your hardwood floors, but it keeps coming back, check for the sources of moisture to the floors and also remove and replace the affected floorboards. Ensure that your word is refinished to make it more resistant to moisture and water damage. For more information, contact your local timber flooring service.