Looking for Versatile and Affordable Flooring for Home or Office? Try Carpet Tiles!

Posted on: 24 April 2017

Carpet tiles are just as the name implies; small square tiles of carpeting with a peel-and-stick backing that you apply over a subfloor without added glues or adhesives. The underside of the carpet tile is usually made of a thick rubber, so you don't need an additional layer of foam or rubber installed when installing carpet tiles. If you've never considered carpet tiles for home or the office, note a few reasons why this might be the best flooring choice for your space.

Versatility of installation design

Using carpet squares will give you more versatility for design than wall-to-wall carpeting; you can offset the grain or direction of the carpeting to create a checkerboard look without using different colours of carpeting, which can give a space more visual interest; using an offset grain can even look more proportionate in a large space, such as an entryway or foyer. Carpeting that goes in one direction in such a space may make the area seem even larger and a bit empty, but by or reversing the grain of the carpeting, you can break up the space very easily and make it seem less imposing.

Ease of installation

Carpet tiles are very easy to install on your own, which is another reason they're so versatile; if you get tired of the look of the carpeting, you can easily take up just one section and replace it with a different colour of carpet, or create a different pattern in the centre of a room. This allows you to more readily change the look of your home or your office over the years, without needing to tear up all the carpeting and replace it completely.

Affordability of replacement carpeting

In most homes and offices, the carpeting wears out just in high-traffic areas, but when you have wall-to-wall carpeting installed, you need to replace an entire room of carpeting to replace those worn spots. With carpet tiles, you can pull and up and remove just the worn tiles and leave the tiles that are still in good condition, such as those close to the wall edges or under furniture. You can also do the same when one part of the carpeting gets stained beyond cleaning; rather than having to replace an entire room of carpeting, you can pull up and replace just that tile or affected area. This makes for a quicker and more affordable replacement job and can save you tremendous amounts of money on new carpeting over the years.